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Did I ever tell you about My Heaven and Hell

Did I ever tell you about My Heaven and Hell

An Oyster Broker
“Did I ever tell you ‘bout my Heaven and Hell Baby?”
Baba you have taken a Big Hit, needs right energy!
Blocks denying you any pleasure. Pleading, Please,
there’s nothing wrong with Joy & Passion is there?
Whether going to the end or finishing earlier.
We keep on Living, we keep on smiling ~
Happy we keep flowing ~ with an Open heart.
You Are that light at the end of this tunnel!
Whatever you agree ~ It’s All A Mind Game.
He’s bullshitting you, he’s burnt the garlic!
Love Is Everything*Loving Consciousness.
Knowing that we are part of Mother Earth.
Peace in our hearts ~ Love knows it’s Real.
‘She Loves Ice Cream’ really crazy, Oh my God!
Do you have a God, somewhere in a cupboard?
Do we need to eat Lobsters really?
Even if you’re living there as a tribe
in tune with nature ~ went out onto the reef.
Caught for Crimes Against Intra*Planetary.
The dancer becoming the dance.