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If you'll believe your dying ~ You'll believe you're dead!

If you’ll believe your dying ~ You’ll believe you’re dead!

Alternative Consciousness without The Masks
Which Super Activist is distributed by Disney?
Sitting in a Hot Tub in Ecuador ~
watching the Holy War, had to turn it off.
A nice guy, Yeah I think he’s a Burner!
He’s Cracked out in Quito, on the Dark Side
Por Favor No bad trips, living in Oblivion.
“If I Live In Fear, Fear Will Find Me”
“We Know What You’re Doing”
She always had those nipple samples out.
Convincing the Clinics to sell their drugs
New diseases, Syndromes
They create it for themselves
Grannies addicted to Tranquillisers.
The strongest synthetic Opiates
You are Numb to Death.
A Genius’ Heart wants to be Aware
“I guess I’m dying” Synchronicity
Feel it, the cosmic compassion
Such a Real Experience
I want to be in the Sun