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Live & Let Live ~ It's that simple

Live & Let Live ~ It’s that simple

‘Alone but not lonely’
Goa Full Distraction after distraction after distraction after ~
“never the last joint, don’t Panic” Down to his last two drops..
It’s all about the flow ~ you need an understanding voice,
some times when sat by yourself, Oneness, on your Enfield or
paddling a Kayak aside an Orca in the straits of Juan de Fuca.
Thank God at least you Won, what would happen if you’d lost?
“I saw the best of you” High on life in that great relationship.
A new lease of living ~ She pulled me out of the quick sand.
Flip kick, pushing him to go ~ don’t make yourself a slave.
“It’s my life”. ‘Live & let live’ ~ Young & fresh, Alive.
Experiencing Wonderful extremes ~ in my dreams of you.
Not the doom and gloom; Don’t want any of that!
Feel the Celebration of the Experience of life ~
Stop behaving nihilistic, you’ve gone all mystic.
“Who let you in!?”