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You gotta stay in Love with it all

You gotta stay in Love with it all

All The Mod Cons!
String Theory ~ ‘We met in Space’
You can fall in it anytime ~ in the now.
He went for a walk in the bliss ~
While I rested under a fragrant Frangipani tree.
Fanning him and amazing him with the Meaning of Life.
Finally he fell in Love ~ lost in the Maya of it all.
Forget for a moment and you’re back in rebirth!
Fell in the Cosmic pool of light.
You’re in space right now ~ the Planet’s spinning in space.
How many times will you trip around the Sun? Do as you want.
If you really want you can go completely out of Mind’s gravity ~
You’re not from any Planet not from the material universe itself
Here to be as light as a feather ~ not caught up in the Machine.
Just being aware of the effect of it ~ all life is a Cosmic journey.
‘You Are The Energetic Alien’