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I'm having a burnout ~ see you in a few weeks

I’m having a burnout ~ see you in a few weeks

A Cosmic Map of Cosmic Rays (Sankharas)
How can you know what I am feeling, my sensations? Afraid!
Is it Arthritis, an exotic virus, blood bacteria, a brain tumour.
100 types Muscular dystrophy, no cure, tuberculosis, hepatitis.
Treated your symptoms with flu pills when you’ve lung cancer.
So how to make a Precise Diagnosis, that’s not of energetic ~ fields
coursing through your nerves, cells, auras, sub atomic particles,
veins muscles, as well as Masking as something else.
Blame Negativity depression, stress, fear, deceit, Critical pain,
Anxiety, sour misery, bitterness, cynicism, no vitality, doubting
Already think I had a nervous breakdown or was it emotional?
Expected in an Insane asylum, but it was streaming Conscious
On Opium drips chain smoking in a suspicious Isolation Ward
Happy to be released from Hospital and talk to anyone ‘Sane!
Onlooking while degenerating into death, should take LSD 25
To Explore full Magicness of existence the boundless Cosmos
‘85% of matter in Universe is missing from view’
Searching for particular gamma radiation with a UV. lipstick.
Light glows more in your milky way. Will it keep you humble? Is
this what Buddha meant by ‘Impermanence?