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Ayuhuascan Huipiles

Ayuhuascan Huipiles

Fluffy Ville
I didn’t believe any of it but I wanted a coat of many colours.
Go in the free spirit and find a clear pool to reflect yourself in.
Even hugging a tart for free is an experience. Forget Normal!
The trance of not well adjusted children ~ lots of identity issues;
Took them to an underground squat, techno party. I like Expansive!
She said she loved the Sociopath and Adolph was a vegetarian!
Give them the Avocado drops ~ swallowing Vitamin D forever.
Getting a Stair Master to my car! Do some ‘Very Easy Yoga’.
“I don’t have time for dinner ~ unless it’s on the dance floor”
“I’ve seen a lot of very skinny Indians”
“I’ll give yu Puja instead of Shreddies!”