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More Shanti than Gandhi

More Shanti than Gandhi

  ‘Girandola’ ~
A revolving wheel from which rockets were fired.
For some pedophile twat; Where’s the Pope when you need one?
You don’t wanna sleep in fear at night. All these requirements,
back straight, head up ~ Lotus position or can’t get to Nirvana.
What happens you got chronic arthritis? Not Feeling very wavy.
“Why did you surrender to Fear?” Condemned to be a SLAVE!
Visionary context ~ Helen of Troy abducted for her fatal beauty.
Someone started a War! Did you rob them of their divine lives?

“Your dreams cannot become True unless You wake up”
History recording the Official Version; They’re trained in it.
Some are still living the holocaust and we’re standing back!
“One day all this murder will have to be made accountable”
We believed in it completely, I was just moving up the ladder.
We will realize what we don’t want to live anymore.
And that brings us all together in possible Peace ~
The flame is changing ~ Gold appears; Violet, platinum, purple.
More truth from the cleansing, transmuting ~ Crystal light in you
Culture of fear making people do barbaric things!’ I am free spirit