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Vibrational Ecstasy

Vibrational Ecstasy

Soul Connected to Source
She was projecting on me ~ split, lost her Trust & respect.
Asked her for Clearance, drinking in the process of her Art.
I read, felt a lot of her favourite vibrational channellings ~
Tuning into the frequency of the higher planes.
Where are you in the whole being ~ MAO Inhibitor?
Changing the World with 4 strand + DNA children.
Waking us up over the dawning light ~ I love his voice.
All the Galaxies are going through that reflection too.
Baking it from the Inside out ~ there is no more going back.
Mother nature is now getting it on with Solar Consciousness.
Opening up the diamond Brain ~ synchronised my hemispheres.
Spacey Molecules swimming across the timeless Milky Way.
Centring through the whole night
Rebalanced her crystal head