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I'm having a burnout ~ Proactive ~ Mastery of the Mind

I’m having a burnout ~ Proactive ~ Mastery of the Mind

Cascalho Finds
What is this system that Rewards State Torture?
And I understood it had almost been Eliminated!
Europe as ‘Superstore State’ should act ‘Consciously’
Strategy of Global Protectionism, & Super nationalism
Another ‘State of Emergency’ is a Ban on Free Speech
Paying heavy fines enough to put them out of business
Now Invoking the Hardliners from A Different World!
Prefers to Coax change, respecting other Peoples views
Here Not a meeting of Minds more of Vital Self Interest
A beacon of Extremism, Instabilities and Hostilities
Standards; The Rapport, Instigate a Sincere Dialogue
All these images have been deformed and disfigured,
What are the Obstacles, The Mentality of Reforms!
Torture is reqd!
Natural thing here, no exceptions, Oppressing.
Agreement with the Junta. What Judiciary? Dynamite Preferences,
don’t set Ultimatums, Deadlines I can hear the Whispers and
America’s beating threats
He contemplated his own mortality, redemption.
Feelings of hope and dread as he approached death.
All that mastery demonstrated, A Real Eye Opener